Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar

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Get rid of your dead skin and feel clean

The Volcanic Clay Coffee Soap Bar is formulated for a fast slimming and toning of the body while it helps prevent skin sagging. And with its 100% safe on skin ingredients: caffeine extract and volcanic clay, you can increase your blood circulation and get oil-free skin effectively.


  • Slimming & Toning: Stimulates your metabolism for faster slimming and toning of your body.
  • Prevents Skin Sagging: Gives in-depth skin tissue nourishment which promotes skin smoothness and prevents sagging especially on areas with fat concentration.
  • Caffeine Extract: Increases blood circulation and stimulates oxygen penetration for a glowing and smoother complexion.
  • Oil-Free Skin: Volcanic clay has a strong sebum absorption capacity which can deeply remove the skin oil and make the skin clean and refreshed.
  • Safe on Skin: 100% safe on your skin as it does not contain bleach or harmful ingredients.


  • NET WT: 60g
  • Quantity: 1pcs/2pcs
  • Ingredient: Volcanic Clay, Caffeine, Glycerin, Olive Oil


  • 1 X Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar
  • 2 X Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar

NOTE: Package depends on what you choose


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