New Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubbing Cleaning Exfoliating Beauty Device

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubbing Cleaning & Exfoliating Beauty Device
  • ULTRASONIC SKIN CARE: It is an ultrasonic wand that uses a combination of high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to penetrate the skin by 3-5mm which helps in instantly lifting and firming skin, thereby getting rid of fine lines and clogged pores.
  • MOISTURIZES: It is designed with 3 operating modes, each specialized for a need to exfoliate, moisturize and lift. Exfoliate setting works to dislodge blackheads and other impurities from pores, while the Moisturize mode has ultrasonic oscillation combined with an anion flow, helping skin attract and absorb skin care products more deeply.
  • GENTLE EXFOLIATING PROCEDURE: It removes and eliminates dead cell effectively to avoid the cuticle stacking, penetrates toner/serum deep into the cuticle layer, optimizing moisturizer. When using for several days, this ultrasonic facial cleaner can relieve melanin and dirt, firm and whiten skin, helping restore the elasticity of skin and make your skin firm, smooth and delicate.
  • LIFT MODE TO BEAT SIGN OF AGING: It’s most potent feature is the EMS micro-current generated by the Lift mode which gently stimulates facial muscles, tightens skin, lifts facial contours, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • WIRELESS, EASY TO CHARGE: This ultrasonic wand comes with a charging base and AC adapter. To charge it, place the wand on the charging base and connect the AC adapter. The red flash indicator shows charging which turns blue upon completed charge. Recommend using this facial skin scrubber after the shower or after steaming your face to open the pores. The skin spatula scrap away dead skin and also get blackheads and pimples out.
  • CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: To clean the head of the device, use a dry tissue, soft cloth or towel. If a stain is particularly hard to remove, try using a damp cloth.


- Material: ABS, The spatula is made of 100% stainless steel
- Working method: sonic
- Power supply: USB charging
- Input: 100 - 240V 50 - 60Hz
- Output: 5V 2W
- Battery: 600mAh
- Charging time: 3 - 5 hours
- Using time: 1.5 - 2 hours
- Color: Milky White, Black

Package Include:

1 X Skin Scrubber
1 X USB Charger
1 X Retail box
1 X User manual




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