Portable Travel Pocket Hydrogen Water Generator



  • It is used to produce hydrogen-rich water for health and beauty. Hydrogen-rich water can effectively remove toxic free radicals, prevent cell oxidation, prevent diseases, improve human metabolism, delay senility, and improve skin quality.
  • Real SPE(Solid Polymer Electrolyte) + PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane) Dual Chamber technology, Korea Titanium with Platinum Coating.
  • USA DuPont NAFION - 117 Membrane, It puts only pure H2 into the water, but Oxygen(O2), Ozone(O3) Chlorine(CL2) are separated out.
  • 100% safe to drink, Hydrogen purity reached 99.99%. Oxygen, chlorine, and ozone are separated out, discharged from the bottom waste gas vent device.
  • 80g Light, very small, portable hydrogen water generator for traveling, camping, save space and energy!

How to use:

  1. 5 minutes mode: Press the button once
  2. 10-minute mode: Press the button 2 times
  3. Self-cleaning mode: Press the button for 3 seconds
  4. Stop Working: When the hydrogen water generator is working, press the button once, it will stop working, and the light is off.
  5. Works with All Potable Water Types- RO, tap, distilled, filtered, mineral, Cold boiled water, Warm boiled water (water temperature below 60 degrees), Filtered Water, and purified tap water.
  6. Exclusive water-soluble hydrogen technology, after hydrogen production for 2 hours, high concentration hydrogen can still be maintained in the hydrogen water bottle
  7. Ability to attach your own plastic bottles.
  8. Well-sealed for no water leakage
  9. Portable for travel, camping, work, and office.
  10. If the battery is exhausted, you can directly connect the charging cable to produce hydrogen at any time


  • Material: Titanium
  • Hydrogen Concentration: 900ppb ~ 3000ppb
  • Water Temperature: The best is 2~60℃
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 850 mAh
  • Technology&membrane: SPE Technology & PEM membrane
  • ORP: -300mV ~ -600mV
  • Working Period: 5 minutes / 10 minutes


  • 1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Generator
  • 1 * USB Charging cable
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * The Small transfer adapter for Mineral Bottle 


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