Meditation Headband



Wear the headphones, then the headphones can detect your brain waves and collect data about your mental state, such as attention and relaxation. You can also play brain games, with which you can train your brain, as well as for fun. There are over 100+ brain training apps including games, meditation training apps, focus training app, etc.!

• EXERCISES THE MIND: Provide kits with concentration, which is very important for your study. It can have many brain training apps and games to keep your mind working and improve your critical thinking skills greatly! For older people, strengthen memory through training

• RELAX: Be able to relax yourself after work and help you sleep. You can also use this for meditation, yoga, and even help relieve your stress!

• ENTERTAINING: Play games not only by yourself, but also with the rest of your family for that quality and much needed time!

Language: English
Kind: Wearable
Age group of application: Child
Compatibility: All Compatible
Type: Smart Wearable
Suit for: iOS 5.0+, Most Android 2.2+
Connect Via: Bluetooth
Transmission range: 10m
Data transmission: UART RS232
Play games: while Training your neurofeedback
Target users: Yoga / Meditator / High-Pressure Group, 5 years old and up
Battery and Charging: Lithium 3.7V 160mAH USB Charging
Battery life: Standby: 7-8 hrs., Connected: 4-5 hrs.

1 x Meditation Headband


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