LED Facial 7 Lights Therapy


The light therapy is made of medical LED beads and has a specific wavelength to treat different skin problems. Each color of light can cure common skin diseases. Safe, gentle, not stimulating! This facial LED mask have been approved by FDA, please feel free to buy with confidence!



  • Red Light(650NM)- Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production
  • Blue Light(463NM)-Kills acne and Tightens Skin 
  • Green Light(527NM)-Improve Pigmentation, Anti-Aging
  • Yellow Light(590NM)- Smoothes Skin and Reduces Redness
  • Purple Light(600NM)- Relaxing, Improves Lymph Metabolism
  • Light Blue Light(510NM)- Soothing, Can Help Allergies skin
  • NEW White Light(470NM)- Accelerate Tissue Metabolism.

Are you still hesitant to buy LED acne with such a complete function?

FASHIONABLE FACE LIGHT DESIGN: design is based on white design, high-grade elegance. Our LED mask was sprayed with white pearl powder and a layer of coating. It can effectively prevent scratches and easily erase stains.

PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ESPECIALLY FOR T-ZONE OIL FACE SKIN: This LED Photon Therapy is ideal for all skin types. Our premium design delivers facial beautification even for the most sensitive skin types. Choose your preferred color setting and start restoring your facial beauty.

How to use:
1. Plug the USB connector at the end of the wire of your LED.
2. Clean your face, wait till it dries. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
3. Put on. Make sure that you wear it comfortably.
4. Turn on and you will see a tinge of red light covering the whole face.
Note: the light is at low-level intensity. You may close your eyes if you feel a little unwell.
5. Keep your device close to your facial skin.
6. You can also change different colors with the remoter.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LED Mask
  • 1 x Remote Control 
  • 1 x Power Cord 
  • 1 x Full English User Manual 


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