Electric Acupuncture Massage Pen


The electronic acupuncture massage pen is powered by a battery and relies on an electric current to stimulate the acupuncture points. The current flows from the tip of the product through the human body to the end of the product to form a circular flow, so the end of the product will carry a slight current, which is not a quality issue.


  • Intelligently Acupoints Finding According to the low-resistance feature of the meridians, the acupuncture pen finds body acupuncture points through precise detection technology.
  • 9 Adjustable Gears 9 pulse rate settings, you can adjust freely according to your need. And the LCD screen displays its working status.
  • 4 Replaceable Heads Four different massage heads aim at different body parts and offer different pulse intensity experiences for more personal using.
  • Pulse Acupuncture Massage With microbial electricity penetrating the epidermal tissue, the acupuncture pen stimulates acupoints in the superficial part.
  • Painless & Efficient Acupuncture Pulse electrotherapy ensures a scientific acupuncture experience that is painless and noninvasive.
  • Smartly Adjustable & Rechargeable Design The acupuncture intensity and detection sensitivity can be adjusted according to users' personal needs. This rechargeable therapy pen offers cordless and portable use.
  • Widely Applicable Can be used on legs, arms, back, shoulders, and more for massage. Applicable to Hospital, Experience shop, Beauty salon, and Home use, Suitable for humans.

Functions of Acupuncture Pen:

1.Health care function: the probe stimulates the skin, you will have a sense of sliding and acupuncture, but the machine to the relevant point, then the feeling will be stronger. A kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling will come to you after you use the machine. The pen electrophysiologically stimulates our body, through the network of bio-axis, directly into the body tissues, organs, regulating the bio-electric field, activate radicals, and the adjustment of biological cells, essentially regulate the body's absorption, conduction, balance, metabolism, immune functions, and health care.
2.Meridian function: the joints play an important role as crossroads to the human body, it is the places where physiological waste like cold, wet, silt, heat, toxic bad things block. That is also the reason why the human body easily gets arthralgia. When using an acupuncture pen in the joints, the physiological waste can be cleaned up, then you can feel fresh and relax.
3.Beauty care effect: the meridian energy pen can also do the face like face-lift, remove the pouch, dark circles and wrinkle, making an immediate effect to the face, It is the best product for our daily beauty and health care.


  • 1 x Energy Acupuncture Pen
  • 1 x English Manual
  • 3 x Head Type / 5 x Head Type (As you choose)
  • 2 x massage gel with Retail Box (As you choose)


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