3g Korea Lip Blam Day Repair Night Moistener

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  • Repair lip mask. plump and soft lips.Butter fruit fat. Enhanced moistening. relieve dry. soft lips. hydrate. Soften cutin.raw plant. nourish. Reduce lip pigmentation.
  • Butter fruit fat, synthetic wax, small candle wax tree, glycerin, wood LuXing fruit seed for fat, raspberry fruit extract, no son of fruit extract, Chinese wolfberry fruit extract, small fruit coffee extract, sing-an raspberries seed extract, tocopherol (vitamin E)
  • Contains a variety of lip repair and moisturizing ingredients, protects the lip skin caused by frequent makeup and water shortage, dry, smooth and plump lips.


  1. Important occasions should be used to relieve dryness and show soft lips
  2. Rinse the lips with clean water and apply the proper amount of lip liner to the lips with a lip brush or cotton swab.
  3. Gently massage around 10S with the finger and wipe off the lip of the lip with a paper towel.
  4. Apply lipstick and lip gloss, use 3 to 4 times a week, and the lips are especially tender.
  5. Lips: Use them every day.
  6. Special recommendation: users of lipstick.
  7. In autumn and winter dry, lips are easy to appear dry, peel and other conditions, the herb repair lip film, give the lips a variety of care


  • Type: Lip Balm/Lip Mask
  • Net Weight: 3g/ml
  • Color: Pink


  • 1 X 3g Korea Lip Blam Day Repair Night Moistener


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