Magnetic or magnet mask: Evolution of cosmetics

The field of beauty has no limits when creating products that benefit the skin. In this case we talk about the magnetic or magnet mask. This mask has come to make everyone fall in love, and its novel technique brings spectacular rejuvenating results to the skin.


The 24K Magnetic Lift Mask, is a high quality product composed of mineral magnetic mud, with main ingredients such as green tea, pearls from the South Sea, 24K gold, among others. This mask has become a product of innovative and revolutionary beauty, since it is applied just like other masks, but it is removed using a magnet that brings the particles until they have been completely removed from the skin, so you do not need water to remove it. This mask removes wrinkles and impurities from the skin leaving a rejuvenated effect. This new and original product has become the favorite of many people.


You may wonder, what benefits does this mask have? Well, here they go:


  • Revitalizes the skin, improving its appearance and luminosity.

  • Delays skin aging. Due to the electromagnetic interaction that occurs between the mask and the magnet, it reduces the expression lines on the face.

  • Purifies the complexion, removes impurities and exerts an anti-stress effect.

  • Provides firmness, smoothness and elasticity to the complexion and prevents the appearance of sagging by stimulating the production of collagen.

  • Hydrates and nourishes the complexion.


Its use?  Very simple, follow these steps:


  • On clean skin, apply the mask with the help of the palette that accompanies the product and without covering the contour of eyes and lips.

  • Let it act for 10 minutes.

  • Wrap the magnet in a paper towel to prevent staining and slide a few millimeters from the face to remove the mask little by little.

  • After having completely removed the mask, massage the skin with the fingertips for a few seconds to stimulate the absorption of the main assets present in this facial mask.


Surely, just by reading the great benefits of this innovative mask you will want to try it immediately. Natural cosmetics continue to benefit our skin. Use it in your favor and do not miss the opportunity to give your skin what it really needs.


A luxury worth giving yourself!